Free Radicals

by Lye, Len

Film: 16mm 1957


In Free Radicals LEN LYE put aside his interest in colour and concentrated on a stark, black and white use of the 'direct' method by scratching on black leader. He has described the film as 'white ziggle - zag - splutter quite doodling fashion'. The film is a masterly poetic expression of LEN LYE 's lifelong concern with movement, as a celebration of energy. The film's title is a reference to modern physics - "free radicals" are particles of energy - but the visual style is still reminiscent of tribal art. When it was first produced in 1958, it was an award-winning film at the International Experimental Film Competition at the 1958 Brussels World Fair. LEN LYE recomposed the film in 1979, producing a tighter four minute version.


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