Flying Trunk, The

by Finch, David

Film: 16mm 1987


UK, 1986, Mono sound, B&W and colour, 15 mins, video "All his father's money was gone, and he had nothing left but a dressing gown and the flying trunk. He flew to the Orient, and onto the roof of a palace where the princess lay upon a sofa, asleep." A video poem, shot on film, about abandonment, separation and independence. Remembering Hans Anderson's story and my boarding school trunk. - D.F. "DAVID FINCH's The Flying Trunk was impressive, fulfilling the promise of the more spontaneous camera work and personal lyrical narrative form he has successfully explored in his last few, and excellent, films. In this video (shot on Super 8 and 16mm), seascapes, clouds and domestic moments, together with a sparse and effective voice-over (largely from the Anderson fairy tale) produce a sensitive, lyrical. almost melancholic, study of memory, childhood and the transitory image. - Michael O'Pray. "In the Flying Trunk DAVID FINCH has refined the process of taking source materials - stories, rhymes, songs and locations - and redeployed them as threads in a larger web of meanings whose role is to recall and elaborate aspects of the film-maker's memory of his personal history, compulsions and preoccupations. - Nicky Hamlyn, Independent Media.


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