by Goodwin, Dryden

Video 2006

Figuring Landscapes

An enigmatic flight from the city, through the suburbs, along motorways, via forests to the sea is periodically interrupted by the artist drawing across the image in a febrile, cross-hatching of tangled thought.

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Central to my practice is a fascination with drawing often combined with photography, film and large-scale screen-based installations with soundtracks. My work has explored the physical and emotional dynamics of different environments, such as airports, hospitals, religious spaces and most often city networks; exploring their distinct qualities of time and space. I am concerned with particular interactions between people, frequently between strangers and myself. Flight places the viewer at the centre of the action through the eyes of the artist-fugitive embarked on an emotional and ambiguous escape journey. The film tracks the protagonist’s movement out from urban vistas, via motorway networks, through forests to the coast, onwards to the sea and sky. Flight evokes the fear of pursuit and a restless inability to settle and relate to people, place and self alongside the hope of liberation. The transformative quality of the animated interventions suggests a superimposed fantasy or reverie. From time to time, a face, a tree trunk or the distant horizon is delineated by febrile drawn elements superimposed on the footage rendering visual the thought processes of the artist. Dryden Goodwin, 2008


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