Film Script (Manipulation of Meaning)

by Lamelas, David

Film: 16mm 1972

not known
Nigel Greenwood Gallery, London, England

"The subtitle of the piece is 'manipulation of meaning.' The idea was to show how fact can be manipulated through film - because of censorship, commercial aims or political manipulation, for example." - D.L . Film Script elaborates on the nascent development of plot of Cumulative Script that uses the device of alternating key narrative elements. The work consists of the simultaneous projection of one film and three slide sequences. The exhibition situation in Nigel Greenwood's gallery in 1972 relflected the self-referential plot, filmed in the gallery itself with Greenwood's assistant, Lynda Morris, playing the main role. A woman walks down a path, gets into a car, gets out somewhere else, walks into a building and down a hallway into a sparsely furnished flat, looks out of the window, sits at a desk, leafs through some papers, smokes a cigarette, and upsets a glass of water. The telephone rings while she is cleaning up. She answers it, speaks, hangs up, picks up her things, leaves the flat and finally turns to face the camera that has been following her. The film pojects a running accumulation of scenes that could as well be documentary or fictional. The first slide projector shows the action in a sequence of stills; the second one shows tow of the scenes from the film in a different order; while the third shows salient moments of the action and cuts one scene altogether. David Lamelas vaires the ways of manipulating action, which in turn affects narrative development and influences its reception. - Heike Ander

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