Film (Film (A Screenplay by Samuel Beckett))

by Rayner-Clarke, David

Film: 16mm 1979

British Film Institute

An exploration of philosopher Berkeley's dictum "to be is to be perceived", this was originally written for Buster Keaton who appeared in the US 1965 version (not held at the NFTVA). On a city street, traders go about their business. A man appears huddled in a long coat, his features hidden by upturned collars. His progress is erratic, his feet becoming tangled in a pile of rope. he avoids the passers by. Turning into a doorway, he climbs the stairs to his room, already occupied by a dog and cat. He draws the curtains, hangs a cloth across a mirror, and attempts to put the animals out of the room. As one is excluded, the other re enters through the half open door. Finally, rid of the both of them, the man retrieves his suitcase, with some difficulty, from the floor. He sits down and opens the case. He raises then bows his head.


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