Farms of Innocence

by Cady, Anna


Figuring Landscapes

Farms of Innocence combines a visible fast rhythm of still images (almost but not quite breaking into live motion) with the tension between the childlike song, the child’s arm and toys, and the darker narrative of land clearance and intensive farming overreaching itself. In this short film I am trying to find a new way of talking about the emotions around environmental issues. Anna Cady, 2007

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Despite the environmental warning underlying Cady’s charmingly child-friendly animation, its joyous humour lightens its message and offers another reading through her use of Edward Lear’s nonsense poem, The Duck and the Kangaroo. Trapped in an English duck pond, the eponymous Duck finally persuades the Kangaroo to let him hitch a ride on his tail and see the world. So away they went with a hop and a bound, And they hopped the whole world three times round; And who so happy, - O who, As the duck and the Kangaroo? Carved in the space beneath their feet, the friendship between antipodeans would seem to offer a fitting allegory of Figuring Landscapes in which an attempt is made to imagine the place from which the otherspeaks and within a broader context, to understand the one- world principle from which all environ- mentalist arguments derive. Cathering Elwes


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