Euripides' Movies

by Hollander, Gad

Film: 16mm 1987


On the advice of Sophocles, a failed playwright adopts the name Euripides. Several thousand years later Eisenstein suggests he makes a film of his play Medea. Euripides takes up the idea and submits a proposal to the Arts Council (of an unnamed country!). Unfortunately, the proposal is rejected. Depressed, but undeterred, he decides to go ahead with the film anyway, soliciting the receptionist at the Arts Council for the part of Medea. The film incorporates footage from Euripides' own home movies, which have not been publicly screened since 406 B.C. - G.H. "Places our exiled artist firmly on home ground." - Sophocles. "Euripides as Jason is almost divine." - Aristophanes.


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