Episodes Interposed: Red Shirt, Black Shirt, Intermission Colour Check

by Partridge, Stephen

Video 1979

Arts Council of England/Great Britain

'Episodes - Interposed is made up of four disparate but related pieces. Three of the pieces have a prologue or 'preamble'.The first two pieces are fast-moving with constant edits or cuts, while the second pair are slow static single-takes. Red Shirt and Black Skirt are built up by a system of jump-cut editing between two "real-time" shots. In Red Shirt the shots are essentially the same (a red-check shirt) but monitor two different times and types of telephone conversations being conducted by the person in the red shirt. In Black Skirt, the shots are of a black skirt moving in and out and through the frame as a girl sits, stands, sits, and crosses her legs; and of a slow pan up the back of her legs. The editing in these two pieces explores random 'rhythms' which are carefully orchestrated to produce a richly patterned visual and aural experience. Intermission is silent, and is a visual punctuation mark in the tape as a whole. It refers to broadcast television's (now defunct) practice of inserting a break between programming. The last piece, Colour Check in its preamble, echoes the visual themes explored in the first piece, but then moves on. A woman's voice is heard (double-tracked and out of sync) talking about her aesthetic and emotional responses to different colours. The image of her red jumper which fills the screen gradually changes from red to blue, to green, and back to red. This oscillation continues as her voice catches up on itself and then passes to produce two conversations superimposed and competing for attention.' - S.P.


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