by English, William

Film: 16mm 2000

self funded

'...it was really good to see the film and the more I thought of it later the more it seemed strong as image of alienation, emptiness and just strangeness, those shots of colour on the surface somehow of those trailers, the gloss of them just being there, and the tents, the kind of mystery and (un-heavy-handed) alienation at the same time, without some spurious "meanings"intercut, they had a time of, a necessary time of, their own to impart their effect(s)....and even putting the shots together into some meaningful relation like the marionettes made a sort of sense later, in terms retroactively of the sense of bewildered distanciation....and scale or lack of it, that kind of expectation throughout and then changing the expectation when experiencing nothing happening....no anecdotal copouts....anyway, the whole thing gained rather than lost afterwards which is always a good sign with films i think....' Peter Gidal


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