Dining Room

by English, William

Film: 16mm 1990

self funded

The Good Food Guide 1988: 'Unlikely corners are taken over and forced into service for the cause of vegetarianism. Here in the shadow of Southwark Cathedral, and virtually under Borough wholesale fruit and vegetable market, is a basement reached via a long corridor. It is almost a dungeon, and the sun is blocked out as anyone walks past on the pavement. The half a dozen large tables are for sharing. Some off-the-shelf ornaments like a typewriter pass for decoration. A mandatory blackboard has the menus... three starters, two main dishes and three sweets. It is always on the move: imaginative, freshly prepared and devoid of pretensions - either brown-sandalled or otherwise. . .'| Filmed during the last six months of the 'Dining Room' 1, Cathedral St. SE1 (1980 to July 1990). Fragments. Sporadic single frame clusters which alternate between light and shade created by a shadow in the sink. - W.E. (chef: Sandra Cross).

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