by Burroughs, Inga



Daisy follows a woman on a journey of liberation. Her emotional development is expressed through her relationship to symbolic objects and the elements. This film is divided into 5 sequences. One of these, an image of a woman lying on her back with a vase precariously balanced on her stomach to the sound of breathing, recurs at different moments in the film. The story follows a woman's metaphorical journey out of a sour relationship, where she escapes through sleep, into a new and active relationship with the world. The four sequences of the film follow this symbolic journey. The first two describe the relationship in its phases of courtship and marriage. This is followed by her struggle to leave the relationship symbolised by her abandoning the security of the home and travelling into new territory. The changing spaces the woman occupies mirror the transformation from a passive into an active being. Meaning is conveyed through a selective and minimal set of symbols, a vase, a flower, a house which is transformed into a boat. The elements of land, air,. and water, and the use of light and darkness, contribute to the changing symbolic relationship. - I.B.


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