Cling Film

by Thew, Anna

Film: 16mm 1993

Midnight Underground - C4
Arts Council of England & Channel Four
Berlin Film Festival, Berlin, Germany, 1993

'Cling Film is a fast cut safer sex collage film, which travels humorously and recklessly through a catalogue of sexual encounters and mishaps. Opening with excerpts from World Health Organisation press releases on the reality of heterosexual transmission of HIV and AIDS, repressive fear-mongering tactics of the media are shunned in favour of a direct and lively attack on censorship and its bedmates, guilt and embarrassment. ' to corrupting public morals and outraging public decency...', legal text becomes superimposed over the practical act of putting on a condom. The British Obscenities Laws and antiquated attitudes are seen as a direct hindrance to health care. Along with written captions and clips of Nosferatu disintegrating at the sight of a bit of rubber, Thew takes to the silent screen, making for some hilarious as well as confrontational episodes.' - M.L.


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