Clapping & Now Washing Your Hands

by Hamlyn, Nicky

Video 2006

Original format
Moving Frame, Royal College of Art, London, 2006

"The starteing point for these two combined pieces arose from the fact that camcorders record sync-sound with picture, unlike film, where, traditionally, sound has always been recorded separately. I am interested in the way the frame is understood as a spatial element in a time based sequence, whereas sound is only temporal. However, when editing video on a timeline, sound is measured in frames, on account of each frame of sound accomanying a corresponding frame of picture. Obviously, though, the two things are not the same. Both works turn on the differences between a frame of picture and frame of sound, and the different senses of time and continuity that arise. In 'Clapping' all the frames except the one where hands meet and make a sound have been removed. Times has been condensed. In 'Now Wash Your Hands' frames of video and sound have been extended, with very different results."- NH


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