by Botham, Paul

Film: 16mm 1971


In 1971 in a confused striving to attune myself to London after leaving New York, my Bolex and I touristed against the architecture and contrived images with an understanding of making a film an emotional analogy. Now the city on film became organic, increasing geometries, so the only thing I did was sit down, equate diminuendos and crescendos. With these geometrical shapes I offset a principle of editing, on the first screen twenty shots comprising 36 frames for the initial 30 seconds with two frames diminishing in following sequence e.g, 36...,34...,32..., etc. On the other screen the selective twenty shots repeated themselves in single frames, but because of difficulties in getting film through printer, equation by two could only start after four eg, 1-4...,6-8..., etc. This created a mechanical speed pulsating against time, achieved through reprocessing positive to negative. - P.B.


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