Citadel, The

by Swann, Cordelia

Video 1992

Dazzling Image - C4
Arts Council of England/Great Britain

'Once there was a woman who lived alone in a fairly prosperous citadel. If the weather was fine, a rare and precious thing occurred, she would go out and explore, or she would do the shopping...' Inspired by the tragedy of Dido and the fall of Carthage, with references to the stoning of Mary Magdalene and the execution of others, The Citadel documents the perceptions, action and dreams of a woman as she experiences, or rather, doesn't experience, national and worldly events. Using a range of stunning imagery within an allegorical structure, The Citadel follows the imaginary journey of a woman through a city of beauty and desolation. Shot in lyrical documentary tradition, akin to the work of Humphrey Jennings, the piece weaves together a subjective narrative with an idiosyncratic vision of London.


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