Change With the Wind

by Fredlund, Lynne

Film: 16mm 1979


The aim of this film is to show wind speed and directions through laying down visual patterns. Filmed in four geologically different locations in which wind conditions were known to vary. The natural elements have always had a major influence on our lives and life style, they have accounted for our mode of dress, our style of housing and type of food. We are less directly dependent on the elements temperamentally than we used to be, but it still affects our lives. That people say of others 'they change with the wind' is certainly an indication of the wind's unsure path. I have used the property film to shorten real time in order to concertina a day into a few minutes so that the changing direction of the wind forms a visible relationship with its many paths. This was filmed in four different topographical locations where wind and sounds vary. Each section is one full days look at the environment using five second bursts of film. Wind velocity and direction were measured by means of a wind sock anemometer. In the film these measurements are represented by the length and direction of the cords pegged to the ground, (one pace per m.p.h., the arrow points North). The result is roughly equivalent to the wind rose on a weather map, the convention used to indicate the pattern of change in wind conditions over the day. Funded by Southern Arts Association. PETRA FREEMAN


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