Central Bazaar

by Dwoskin, Stephen

Film: 16mm 1976


‘On March 28 MOMA (Cineprobe) screen Stephen Dwoskin’s Central Bazaar… The film was shot last year and is 153 minutes long. It was reduced to that length from fifteen hours of footage Dwoskin shot with a group of volunteers adventurous to act out their erotic fantasies… Theatre of life, costumes, sexes, colours, lips, reality and fantasy mix and reveal themselves, intensified by Dwoskin’s obsessive camera eye, as he picks out, watches, stops on faces, details, sustains, doesn’t go away; the face is trapped, recorded. But there is no forcing, no rape of the camera in Dwoskin. It’s gentleness itself, it’s an intelligence that is gentle and unimposing…’ – Jonas Mekas


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