by Pucill, Sarah

Film: 16mm 1999

Arts Council of England/Great Britain

The to and fro action of a rocking chair and sea waves sway with the imagined oscillation of the self and other in a mirror as identities bleed between spaces and across time. A doll is caressed by a little girl whose imaginings bring the doll to life. Her desire for and her desire to be, merge as her face adopts the doll's make up. This active/passive dynamic is shown through the confusing of animate and inanimate female figures, that mutate across time and in and out of life. The continuous rocking motion of the chair (and later sea waves) mimic the to and fro psychic oscillation of the self and Other in the mirror, which in the film shift between different time and spacial scales. In a culminating moment, the glass smashes and the interior is taken outside the home. Amongst the living dead, the turning of time and withdrawal of colour, a sense of inexplicable loss emerges.


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