Brunel And Montagu

by Brunel, Adrian, Montagu, Ivor

Film: 35mm 1928

Original format
film: 35mm
Aspect ratio

An experimental home movie featuring Brunel and Montagu contemplating suicide after the advent of talking pictures. Four men, staff of Brunel and Montagu, sit on a roof top wall. They are left to right. Ian Dalrymple smoking a cigarette, Montagu and Brunel, drinking from a cup and saucer and Lionel Rich. All sit facing the camera. Following the introduction of talking pictures, they contemplate the demise of the company. One by one, the men take their leave. Cuts to the same four poised to jump from a different wall, they shake hands and jump together. Intertitles reveal the newspaper headlines of the day which say that the Brunel flotation has been an enormous success. The men reappear from behind the wall, smiling.


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