Blind Stepping

by Ellis, Terence

Film: 16mm 1975


Given footage (blind date). Academy leader, 2 shots. Looped. 'Superimposed' structure-system devised (theory) and practiced-working 'back to front' - made with one eye 'closed'/one eye on the images. (Setting traps/lying in wait). regular 'laying' of opaque sections-increasing decreasing. Going 'blind'. Shots: men, apparently the judges of a selection of children's paintings-moving with movements made with long wooden pointers (blindmen tapping/'tap' dancing).1. C.U of feet/pointers/paintings. Lateral tracking.2. Full views of men. Cut off, by the top frame edge, below the eyes. (Blinded - J.Johns: Target with 4 faces). 'Tripping the blindmen.' Judging blind.


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