Black Tower, The

by Smith, John

Film: 16mm 1987

Arts Council of England/Great Britain

Narrator of the film is haunted by a mysterious black tower which seems to appear everywhere. "In The Black Tower, we enter the world of a man haunted by a tower which, he believes, is following him around London. While the character of the central protagonist is indicated only by a narrative voice over which takes us from unease to breakdown to mysterious death, the images, meticulously controlled and articulated, deliver a series of colour coded puzzles, games, puns, and jokes which pull the viewer into a mind teasing engagement. Smith's assurance and skill as a filmmaker undercuts the notion of the avant garde as dry, unprofessional and dull and in The Tower we have an example of a film which plays with the emotions as well as the language of film". Nik Houghton, 'Independent Media'


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