by Cammack, Jo


Moving Frame, Royal College of Art, London, 2006

Filmed in and around the Great Eastern Hotel in London's east end, (formerly the site of an early psychiatric hospital, The Royal Bethlem, also known as 'Bedlam') Bedlam brings together filmmaker Jocelyn Cammack and visual artist Daniel Saul, to create two high-resoluation, installation works for touring exhibition. The 'Bedlam' frame, measuring 1920 x 1200 pixels, is over four times as large as a regular, standard-definition equivalent and thus allows for a greatly enhanced sharpness of focus and clarity of detail. The apparently seamless full-screen image is therefore able to support dozens of filmed fragments, each digitally woven together into a deep artificial spatial field. Viewed from afar, this combination of wide lens perspective and fine detail at once distances the viewers and draws them in to the minutiae of the image, whilst likewise anonymising and personalising the individals who populate the scnene.


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