Au Revoir Renée

by Fletcher, Tony

Film: 16mm 1995


The film is a triptych but can be shown with 1 projector, preferably silent. The 2nd and 3rd parts are to be shown at either side for the last 8 mins, 16mm of the performance. Hollywood Cemetery Association, 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard, L.A. Nov 23rd 1933. I hereby subscribe for and agree to purchase one crypt number 219 corridor F in the Hollywood Mausoleum known as corridor unit F together with sealing - $12.50, two flower containers - $12.00, bronze memorial tablet $29.50. For which I promise to pay to H. Cemetery Assoc, or its orders at its office in the city of L.A. Calif. the sum of $454.00 dollars as follows bit if not so paid, I do agree to pay some in cash or instalments to be agreed upon the close of the estate of Renee Adoree deceased. Mira Adoree c/o Mr. Hanke 117 West 9th, Brit. Consulate L.A. Calif.


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