by Dusinberre, Deke

Film: 16mm 1982

Arts Council of England/Great Britain

"A film in four parts which basks in the filmmaker's personal and idiosyncratic obsessions". The first part, Part On, shows a partially naked body and a torso with a human penis for a head; the second section, Part You, features repititious shots of a statuette, a piece of lens flare, and slow motion frames of people walking in a park intercut with red, blue, and green leader and irrevelant intertitles such as 'violent', 'need', 'pearl', 'blacks'; third section, Part Me, features a black screen with the voice of the filmmaker describing a bizarre encounter between himeslf and a wheelchair bound woman on a train for Portsmouth; the last section, Part Lore, concludes with a reading from an anonymous text and an animated celluloid scratch.


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