by Walker, St John

Video 1994


'Whereas TO.KYO.ZO.IC was a cyber-kabbalist myth of creation, A-ZO.IC exhumes atavisms of destruction and apocalypse, re-interpreted for the atomic age. Qabbalistic legend has it that before God emanated our world of equilibrium, there was another ruled by the unbalanced forces or ‘Kings of Edom’, populated by archdemons and chaos. Even now, this world threatens to revisit ours with its quantum entropy and white noise. Synchronous with this, the suffix ZOIC bears a resemblance to Z2+C, the equation for the Mandelbrot set, symbol of the boundary between chaos and order. A-ZO.IC was computer animated with Amiga technology and processing imagery on video through up to 20 generations' - St. John Walker


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