8mm Notes on 16mm

by Gidal, Peter

Film: 16mm 1971


Structuralist film collage consisting of the repetition of 8mm film 'notes' printed directly on 16mm stock. The images include people and landscapes and the technical distinction between the two film formats are emphasised by the presence of perforations, Kodak company marking, spacing, and leader. "Its length incorporates an aggressive duration in addition to repetition, implying an endlessness which demands a reorientation of concentration and rejects linear signification. The various types of 'home movie' footage (from the banal to the erotic) again anticipate a shift in the spectator's approach to the image, but these images are subordinated to the dominant tactic of yanking the footage through a 16mm printer at a speed rendering most of it illegible." Deke Dusinberre


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