Wednesday 13 February - Saturday 16 February

Camden Arts Centre

Between Sound and Light is a series of presentations and workshops about sound; specifically the sound reflected around the walls of the Camden Arts Centre for the duration of the Film in Space exhibition. Over these four days, a number of participants will present unique responses to recordings of the sound of the exhibition, collected in a variety of ways and perspectives.

The responses will be productive readings, reworkings, interpretations or reinterpretations which can take any number of forms. The sound of the works in the space of the gallery will become material objects in transformation; faith to their provenance, and the authenticity, veracity or intention of the originating work is less crucial than the creative possibilities that the recordings give rise to. As such this workshop will explode the fallacy of objective documentation, opening up the possibility of manifesting the subjective and the fictional, the literal or the alchemical, the historical or the personal.

Events and workshops will take place daily over the course of the project. Participants include Steven Ball, Andy Birtwistle, Rob Mullender, Aura Satz, Jan Thoben, David Toop, and Duncan White. All events are free and booking is not required.

Organised by Steven Ball, Rob Mullender and Duncan White (British Artists’ Film and Video Study Collection, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design).

Visual Thinking is an ongoing series of events at Camden Arts Centre presenting current research from within academic and arts institutions.

Wednesday 13 February
14:00 – 17:30
Aura Statz and Steve Dorney
Sound and Vibration
Artist Aura Satz, together with Steve Dorney from the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at the University of Southampton, present an experimental listening workshop. Participants are led through a series of acoustic devices to address the perceptual remapping of sound and image that can take place through different technologies/mediums. As such it will provide an exploration of the alternative history of optical sound as a technology which encodes sound as light, and enacts a translation from image into sound and vice versa. The various objects are employed not just to illustrate the physics of sound but also to be read more conceptually, philosophically and phenomenologically.

Film and sound works by Steven Ball, Lynn Loo, Paul Martin, Rob Mullender, Annabel Nicolson, and Guy Sherwin

Thursday 14 February
Sound of the Show Workshop
with Rob Mullender / JanThoben

Friday 15 February
Sound of the Show Workshop
with David Toop / Andy Birtwistle

Saturday 16 February
Sound of the Show Workshop
Steven Ball / Duncan White

Parts of this event will be broadcast live on

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