Richardson, Emily

Richardson’s films are distributed by LUX ( and have been shown in galleries and at festivals internationally including Tate Britain; Cafe Gallery Projects, London;Artist’s Space, New York; and the Edinburgh, London, Rotterdam, and New York film festivals. A book of Richardson’s work, Time Frames, is published by Stour Valley Arts, distributed by Cornerhouse, Manchester.

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All my work comes from observation but through the use of framing, editing and sound, each ‘portrait’ becomes a subjective one, much more about the feeling of the place than its function. I am interested in capturing imperceptible events or non-events such as lights turning on and off, traces of activity, changes in colour and weather patterns. In the films, transformations of space and time provide glimpses of what could or what indeed does happen in these places.The films have their own internal logic, outside the ‘real’, but firmly connected to it.Their visual narratives become suggestive of inner worlds or states of mind. Emily Richardson, 2008


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