McGuire, Anne

Born in the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant, and has lived in San Francisco since 1990. In Fall 2004, she relocated to Busan, South Korea, where she taught video art at KyungSung University for eighteen months. Prior to this she taught at the San Francisco Art Institute, University of California Santa Cruz, and Stanford University.

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Started making videos in the late 1980's while a student. Her single channel works are much in the tradition of personal/poetical performance to camera, playing off of the conventions of television. She has explored the personal through formal narrative, particularly in STRAIN ANDROMEDA, THE, her 1993 end-to-beginning re-edit of Robert Wise's The Andromeda Strain. STRAIN was her first foray into disaster deconstruction. In 2006 Anne completed ADVENTURE POSEIDON, THE (THE UNSINKING OF MY SHIP), which celebrates the 20-year anniversary of her very own real-life shipwreck experience. She also writes poems and sings them as songs, and has performed as Freddy McGuire with San Francisco-based electronic musician Wobbly, live and on radio.



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